Burbank Democratic Club 2020 Endorsements

Races eligible to be considered for endorsement in the November 3rd, 2020 General Election*


Member of United States Congress, District 28

Member of United States Congress, District 30


Member of the California State Senate, District 25

Member of the California State Senate, District 18

Member of the California State Assembly, District 43


Member of the Burbank Unified School District Board of Education (three seats)

Member of the Burbank City Council (two seats)

Burbank City Treasurer

Judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Office 72

District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles

*List is subject to change based on requests or additional information. Races may not be considered if a democratic candidate does not complete the endorsement requirements for that race. 

Endorsement Rules

1. The club may only make endorsements in races that residents of Burbank are eligible to vote in. 

​2. It is the responsibility of the campaigns of non-incumbent candidates for office or ballot measures to request an endorsement from the club.

​3. All candidates or measures in any given race are required to answer the same questions as all candidates or measures in that race. 

4. New memberships are not eligible to vote until after 60 days of signing up for membership. 

5. Endorsement votes are only made by the club's general membership, there are no recommendations made by the club's executive board. 

6. If an endorsement discussion and vote for any candidate or measure is properly noticed in the agenda,  the respective candidate or measure must receive at least 60% of the active members present to receive the club's official endorsement. 

Endorsement Process

1. For non-incumbent candidates for office or ballot measures, the campaign must formally request the endorsement of the club to be considered. Endorsements can be requested by notifying any member of the Executive Board or by emailing the club at: burbankdems@gmail.com.

​2. Incumbent candidates for office are generally contacted by the Executive Board to request an endorsement, for those who have not been contacted, please reach out to the club to request an endorsement. 

​3. Upon requesting an endorsement, the Executive Board shall determine the candidate's eligibility for consideration under the club's bylaws. Should the candidate be eligible, they will be sent a questionnaire and a request to attend the club's endorsement meeting. 

4. An endorsement meeting will be announced, the vote will be noticed on the agenda, and brought up for a vote at that meeting. 

For detailed information on the endorsement process, please see the club's bylaws

Endorsement Calendar

July 28 - August 7 - Endorsement Request Period - Candidates must request a consideration of endorsement to receive a questionnaire, unless they are democratic incumbents without democratic opposition who have been recommended by the Executive Board.  


August 8 - August 9  - Candidate Notification Period - Time period for all recommended non-opposed incumbents and requesting eligible candidates or measures to be notified by the Executive Board.


August 14 - Deadline for campaigns to turn in candidate questionnaires to the Executive Board. 


August 17 - Deadline for the Executive Board to set the endorsement meeting agenda and release a list of candidates eligible for an endorsement vote. 


August 24 - Deadline for Club Members to submit questions to be asked of candidates at the 8/27 endorsement meeting. 


August 27 - August Endorsement Meeting - City Council, School Board, and City Treasurer. Ballot measures will be considered at the September meeting.

August 27 Endorsement Meeting - Eligible Candidates

Burbank City Council​ - 2 seats

Timothy Murphy (Incumbent)

Konstatine Anthony

Nick Schultz

Linda Bessin

Tamala Takahashi

Burbank School Board - 3 seats

Steve Ferguson

Armond Aghakhanian

Emily Weisberg

Burbank City Treasurer - 1 seat

Lindsey Francois



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