The Burbank Democratic Club stands in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters here in Burbank, and across the nation. We condemn the centuries of unrelenting, systemic racism inflicted on the Black community, and the pain and anguish caused those who have lost loved ones.

We demand justice for Tony McDade, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the untold number of Black Americans murdered without a camera documenting the crime.

We call for real, and meaningful, change to law enforcement, and the criminal justice system, who time and time again fail to protect, serve or honor the lives of Black men and women.


We commit to continuing to learn how to be authentic allies and evaluate the ways in which we contribute to the systemic injustices in our community. We commit to fighting locally, and nationally, for candidates and legislation which push back against the racism and inequity poisoning our nation.


We call on our local elected officials, club members, and members of the Burbank community to speak out against that which diminishes us as a city, and a nation. We ask that you actively work to eliminate the racism, classism, inequity, bigotry, police violence and injustice that flows through our criminal justice system.


We encourage everyone to stand with the Black community, and with the many organizations doing the real, hard, sustained work. Donate, support, speak out, speak up, amplify Black voices and hold our elected officials, and community members, responsible for what they do, and do not, say. #BlackLivesMatter


Head here for a link for links to get involved, donate and educate.

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Activism 101

Wednesday, July 15


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CDP Day of Action

Sunday, July 19


Burbank Dem Club
July Monthly Meeting

Thursday, July 30




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